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Territory design and 2023 planning

We're in a sales productivity crisis. And the root cause of the sales rep productivity crisis isn't one of the usual suspects: it's not just more training, more data, or more tech to help reps reach out to more people. 

As an industry, we've been investing heavily in those areas for years (building some very large companies as we go). But we’re still stuck at only about 50% of reps hitting quota…

Something else must be going on.

What if we told you it was your territory design?

With the right territory design, you can increase attainment, improve rep satisfaction, and get more productivity from your team. So what does the right territory design look like? Well, it depends on your organization. You might be served best by a traditional static model based on geography or segment. Or you might be better off with a more dynamic model (like dynamic books). 

Get our free guide to territory design and 2023 planning now. 

It includes discussion of topics like: 

  • Why you should care about territories
  • Choosing a territory design that works for your sales team
  • How to model the requirements for your territory design
  • Building your territory model

Territory design has an outsized impact on your sales team's attainment. The wrong territory design costs you revenue, and the right territory design can increase pipeline and attainment. 

New Talk Track_ Territory Design and 2023 Planning (1)

There are myriad territory designs - from the familiar geographic and vertical models, to more dynamic models like dynamic books. The deck will walk you through the pros and cons of each. 

New Talk Track_ Territory Design and 2023 Planning (2)

Different models work for different companies, depending on how a sales team is set up, deal size and velocity, a team's particular balance of inbound and outbound, and more. Depending on your GTM motion, some territory designs will work better for your team. New Talk Track_ Territory Design and 2023 Planning (3)

There's a discussion of how to use top down and bottom up models for rep activity, to help you understand the size and shape of territories. You can start to model rep capacity and productivity. 

Get the full slide deck here. Perfect for sales and revenue operations leaders. 

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