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per month, paid annually

Identify your best prospects with an AI Market Map analysis of your accounts

  1. Market Map Explorer
  2. Account scores using customer lookalikes
  3. AI-generated industry clusters
  4. Market Map data export
  5. Quarterly model updates


per month, paid annually

Target your prospects and analyze rep coverage – right inside Salesforce.

  1. Everything included in Map, plus:
  2. Market Map scores and industry clusters on account records
  3. Similar Accounts Component highlighting customer lookalikes
  4. Monthly Market Map model updates
  5. Rep coaching with account engagement analytics
  6. Find coverage gaps with market segment reporting


per month, paid annually

Turbo-charge your pipeline with dynamic books: AI account selection, dynamic assignment and optimization

  1. Everything included in Analyze, plus:
  2. Fully dynamic territories with Bookbuilder
  3. Lead routing with matching, conversion and round-robin
  4. Automation workflows for any object with automation builder kit
  5. Integrations with Slack, Salesloft, Outreach, and more
  6. Premium customer support, including shared Slack channel
Map Analyze Execute
Pricing and Availability
Platform $0 $250 Starts at $500
Accounts As low as $0.01 / month As low as $0.01 / month As low as $0.01 / month
Rep Seats Free Free $50 / month
Admin Seats Free Free Free
Supported CRMs Salesforce, Hubspot Salesforce Only Salesforce Only
Market Map
Map Explorer ✅︎ ✅︎  ✅︎
Account Scores ✅︎ ✅︎  ✅︎
Industry Clusters ✅︎ ✅︎  ✅︎
Similarity Graph ✅︎  ✅︎
Similar Accounts Component (Salesforce Only) ✅︎ ✅︎
Model Updates Quarterly Monthly Monthly
Data Source Salesforce, Hubspot, Other Salesforce Salesforce
Analytics and Reporting
Market Coverage ✅︎  ✅︎
Rep Coverage ✅︎  ✅︎
Territory Management
Target Books ✅︎
Account Distributions ✅︎
Account Retrievals ✅︎
Account Returns ✅︎
Routing and Workflows
Workflows ✅︎
Lead Matching ✅︎
Lead Conversion ✅︎
Round Robin Assignment ✅︎
Territory Assignment ✅︎
Route Any Object ✅︎
Automation Builder Kit ✅︎
Salesforce ✅︎ ✅︎
Slack ✅︎
Google Calendar ✅︎
Office 365 ✅︎
Salesloft ✅︎
Outreach ✅︎
Email ✅︎ ✅︎  ✅︎
Shared Slack Channel ✅︎
Workflow Concierge ✅︎

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"With Gradient Works we’ve been able to update our process to automatically redistribute high-potential accounts to SDRs. We've increased our meeting rate by 18% and reduced SDR and ops time spent on prospecting and manual assignment. Even team morale has improved."
Marcos Hinojosa
Marcos Hinojosa Sr Manager RevOps and Business Applications, Omnipresent

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