Dynamic books software for modern B2B sales

Stop giving good reps bad accounts. Generate more pipeline with dynamic territory management. 

Gradient Works gives B2B sales teams the tools they need to segment, prioritize and assign the best accounts in their CRM, ensuring the right reps are always working the right accounts.

We build software that helps your team move away from traditional territories. You can start small, with our AI-powered account prioritization and lead routing tools, or go all in on dynamic books with our fully automated platform.

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Gradient Works is everything sales teams need to manage dynamic account coverage - who works which accounts when

Select accounts

Our all-new Market Map helps you intelligently segment and prioritize high-potential prospect accounts. 


Assign accounts

Bookbuilder provides dynamic account distribution and returns so reps always have a book of great accounts.

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Optimize coverage

Account Coverage helps you hold reps accountable and address market-level coverage gaps. 

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Market Map

Optimize your outbound by focusing on the right accounts

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With Market Map, B2B sales teams can quickly identify the highest potential prospect accounts.

  • Quickly identify high-potential prospects that are similar to your best existing customers

  • Provide sales reps with detailed information about each prioritized account to better customize outreach

  • Uncover hidden potential in the middle-tier accounts in your CRM, prospects you've previously missed


Build better books for better performance

Static territories are inefficient. Gradient Works Bookbuilder improves rep productivity by dynamically assigning high-priority accounts to available reps. Reps always know where to focus and get a fair shot at hitting quota. 

Target Books. Replace static territories with focused books of accounts based on your business goals and rep capacity

Distributions. Automatically distribute target accounts to reps that match their target book criteria - no spreadsheets required

Retrievals. Make sure your reps cover their accounts with an automated use-it-or-lose-it process for engaged accounts

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Account Coverage

Help reps work their books better

Account Coverage

With Account Coverage intelligence, sales leaders can be sure reps are working their books efficiently.

Understand how reps cover their books. Holds reps accountable for working the right accounts and working those accounts thoroughly.

Whether or not you’re ready to adopt a dynamic books model, Account Coverage reporting helps you drive more pipeline no matter where you are in your territory journey. 


Fast, flexible lead and account distribution

Gradient Works Routing is an adaptive distribution engine that goes beyond simple round robin to be sure reps get the right accounts at the right time.

  • Instant, accurate lead distribution

  • Powerful matching capabilities

  • Assign any type of Salesforce object to any user using any field

  • Route on buying signals like inbound leads, intent and product usage

  • Trigger distributions on rep handoffs to move ownership from BDRs to AEs, AEs to AMs, and more

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“Gradient Works played a key role in overhauling every rep handoff throughout our customer lifecycle - including lead routing, opportunity assignment, and customer account assignment. It’s allowed all our client-facing teams to work that much more closely and efficiently together.”

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“Gradient Works Assignment has quickly become an essential part of our sales and martech stack. We did an early pilot with Gradient Works and after using it for a few months, knew we would be able to replace our existing routing solution and haven’t looked back since.”


"Aside from the benefits of making sure the team is focused on the right accounts and ensuring we're not wasting quota capacity, the planner in me is excited to have actual reliable data I can use to do capacity planning in the future. We'll have a much more accurate view of supply and demand and how we can align the two, which will make scaling our revenue growth about 1000% simpler."


“We’ve been able to change the way we manage the flow of our entire sales process. Gradient Works has helped us increase our revenue velocity - optimizing who’s receiving what and reducing latency across our sales cycle.”

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"With Gradient Works, we've been able to move to a much more dynamic account allocation model, and we're seeing improvement across the board. It's been truly transformative."

Read their case study >

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“We’ve automated our MQL distribution process with Gradient Works, which has been instrumental to scaling our sales organization for the next stage of our company’s growth.”

Watch their story >

Customizable and flexible, so it fits your unique process

customized for your team

Gradient Works is built to be adaptable to your organization. You can be confident it will work for your team, regardless of what processes make your team unique. 

  • Scheduled, recurring and ad-hoc distributions and retrievals

  • Target books built around your business goals

  • Adjustable rep capacity and availability settings

  • Customizable instrumentation of what it means to engage an account

  • Integrations with all the tools your team already uses, like Salesloft, Outreach, Google, Microsoft, Slack and more

  • Advanced Salesforce Flow capabilities for custom automations

Make your RevOps team happy 

Save time for your RevOps team by automating manual tasks and eliminating spreadsheets in your account assignment process. Plus, we've built in a number of ways to improve Salesforce data hygiene. 

  • Mass transfer accounts and replace spreadsheets and data loader

  • Automatically remove accounts from reps when they’ve stopped engaging

  • Enable reps to return accounts that need data updates

  • Set up flexible matching using fuzzy, exact or domain matching on leads, contacts and accounts


Your reps shouldn't have to be data scientists


Stop forcing reps to make prioritization decisions about which accounts to work. Keep reps focused on the best accounts in your CRM with continuous account allocation based on rep capacity and ICP fit.

  • Schedule regular distributions and retrievals to keep reps fed and accounts fresh

  • Adjust your ideal book size for different groups of reps and account segments

  • Identify and automatically rebalance uneven books 

  • Eliminate account hoarding and spraying and praying