Gradient Works Assignment

A new approach to routing and assignment built for high-velocity B2B revenue teams

Increase sales velocity for your entire organization

From hot new leads to long-time customers, Gradient Works Assignment ensures you've got the right rep assigned at the right time - fast.

You need smart lead-to-account matching, flexible routing workflows, and dynamic assignment that goes beyond simple round robin. Gradient Works is the central place to orchestrate workflows for every lead, opportunity and account assignment.

Integrated with the Salesforce tools you already use, Gradient Works Assignment is more flexible and easier to maintain than any other solution.

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The right rep at the right time, every time

Even if you already have a lead routing, account-to-lead matching, or account assignment tool, we should have a conversation about the Gradient Works Assignment beta. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you totally satisfied with how it performs?
  • Is it fast enough?
  • Is it flexible enough to change as your needs do?
  • Does it help you actually speed up sales cycles?

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No more losing deals because you can't get a new lead into a rep's hands fast enough. No more unbalanced books. No more dependence on geographic sales territories. No more long wait times from manual assignment.