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Every handoff matters

Your lead distribution rules aren't just about who gets which leads. They're about who owns the customer relationship at every stage in your customer journey, from lead to opp to renewal.
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Time kills deals

Are your customers waiting on handoffs? Every moment a prospect waits lowers conversion. Reduce handoff time at every stage of your customer lifecycle. 

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Pipelines leak opportunity

Are the right reps working the right deals? Basic round-robin is “fair” but doesn’t manage rep capacity or optimize outcomes. Don’t let deals die due to lack of attention.

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Patchwork doesn't work

Is change hard because of technical debt and manual processes? A patchwork approach to RoE is frustrating for everyone. You can't optimize what you can't even change.

Smart assignment at every stage

Move beyond simple lead routing to intelligent assignment automation for your entire customer lifecycle. Identify the bottlenecks throughout your sales cycle to move customers more smoothly from stage to stage. Keep rep books balanced, close deals more efficiently, and increase your revenue velocity.

Inbounds to BDRs
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Better lead distribution means increased revenue velocity

Manage opportunity flows instead of static quota capacities. Replace your hard-coded routing rules with flexible, agile processes that respond quickly to changing conditions.

Gradient Works Assignment integrates directly with Salesforce to streamline all your lead routing, rules of engagement, and account assignment. Modernize your lead distribution with a smarter solution.

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Automation with tools you already know

Gradient Works routing workflows are built on top of Salesforce Flow. Use your team’s existing skills, enhance existing logic, and maintain it all using modern no-code Salesforce tools.

  • Powerful logic with everything Salesforce Flow offers

  • Fast and efficient for even the highest velocity orgs

  • Configurable triggers, built on schedules, changes or clicks

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Adaptive assignment 

Gradient Works’ adaptive assignment engine goes beyond round robin to help you ensure the right rep gets the right assignment.

  • Balance rep books by weighting reps based on performance or other factors to adjust how often they’re eligible for assignment.

  • Dynamically manage rep workload and capacity to make sure they stay laser-focused.

  • Take rep availability into account on every assignment, whether it’s PTO or working hours.

RoE command center

Gradient Works is built right into Salesforce, giving you one place to manage everything related to rules of engagement.

  • Keep your data clean with powerful lead-to-account matching

  • Answer any assignment question using full audit history for every ownership change

  • Assign any type of Salesforce object to any user using any field

Audit history

"Gradient Works Assignment has quickly become an essential part of our sales and marketing tech stack. We needed something that could handle the complexity of routing inbounds to two sales orgs post-acquisition, with accurate and flexible lead-to-account matching.  We've been able to transition to an ABM model and now use Gradient Works to assign hundreds of inbounds a week."


David Cardiel
David Cardiel Vice President, Growth Marketing at Wordpress VIP and

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Automate every assignment

With Gradient Works Assignment, you can automate ownership at every stage throughout your customer lifecycle. Learn how our software can quickly route inbound leads, find the right AE for a qualified meeting, assign new customers to the right AM or CSM, and everything in between. 

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