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From sales team structure to marketing strategy, learn how to generate more predictable and efficient revenue.

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Customer success and account management

Azim Nagree, EVP of Operations at Scorpion, explores customer success and account management. He talks about customer retention, the relationship between retention and expansion, and how to achieve maximum growth.
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Sales ops and scaling

A discussion of sales operations topics including onboarding and enablement, territories and account allocations, ROE, and the revenue tech stack. Featuring Jamie Edwards, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Upwork.
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More impactful content marketing

Download our free guide to creating a more impactful content marketing program - one that generates real results.
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Sales compensation plans

Graham Collins, Head of Growth at QuotaPath, discusses sales compensation plans, and how to find the right plan for your team.
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Product led growth for B2B companies

Watch Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware, discuss product led growth and product qualified leads, how to incorporate them into your business, and the impact PLG can have on sales organizations..
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Commercial legal operations

Watch this video for everything you didn't know you needed to know about working with your company's commercial legal team, featuring Lisa Salinas, Director of Legal at SpyCloud.
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Managing a remote sales team

Kevin McKeown, SVP of Global Sales at Mailgun, discusses managing and motivating a distributed global sales team in a pandemic and beyond.
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Revisiting the Assignment Mullet

I wrote my first post for Gradient Works about managing sales rep assignment throughout the customer lifecycle. Not only is assignment one of the most important concepts in high-velocity revenue organizations, but that post also gave me an excuse to introduce what we've come to call the...

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So you want to talk about chatbots

Imagine this: You’ve just discovered this amazing company that has exactly what you need to help you. You immediately head to their website to buy their product, where a tiny chatbot pops up in the corner. No problem. You hit the “X” and carry on with your site browsing.

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You should focus more on customer handoffs and account ownership

Today, I want to talk about customer handoffs and account ownership. Account handoffs are a lot more than just moving a customer from sales to customer success.

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How to use Scheduled Flows in Salesforce

This post is part of a technical series to help Salesforce Admins automate business processes using Flow. We're very excited to feature our new guest author, Zane McCarthy! Zane's an expert on all things Salesforce and sales operations, so read on.

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How to use Salesforce lead assignment rules

When your organization gets to the point that you have a) leads coming in on a regular basis and b) multiple sales reps, you quickly realize you need a way to divide up those leads among your reps. If you're using Salesforce, you may have noticed a built-in feature called Lead Assignment Rules....

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How do you integrate PQLs into your sales motion?

Your sales organization likely uses a combination of qualification sources for new leads. You've got MQLs coming from marketing, SQLs coming from your SDR team, and now PQLs (product qualified leads) coming from product usage. So how do you successfully integrate PQLs into your sales motion? 

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