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From sales team structure to marketing strategy, learn how to generate more predictable and efficient revenue.

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Customer success and account management

Azim Nagree, EVP of Operations at Scorpion, explores customer success and account management. He talks about customer retention, the relationship between retention and expansion, and how to achieve maximum growth.
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Sales ops and scaling

A discussion of sales operations topics including onboarding and enablement, territories and account allocations, ROE, and the revenue tech stack. Featuring Jamie Edwards, Senior Manager of Sales Operations at Upwork.
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More impactful content marketing

Download our free guide to creating a more impactful content marketing program - one that generates real results.
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Sales compensation plans

Graham Collins, Head of Growth at QuotaPath, discusses sales compensation plans, and how to find the right plan for your team.
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Product led growth for B2B companies

Watch Joel Stevenson, CEO of Yesware, discuss product led growth and product qualified leads, how to incorporate them into your business, and the impact PLG can have on sales organizations..
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Commercial legal operations

Watch this video for everything you didn't know you needed to know about working with your company's commercial legal team, featuring Lisa Salinas, Director of Legal at SpyCloud.
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Managing a remote sales team

Kevin McKeown, SVP of Global Sales at Mailgun, discusses managing and motivating a distributed global sales team in a pandemic and beyond.
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What CROs need to think about when it comes to Salesforce

What makes a successful CRM implementation? What does a CRO need to be thinking about when it comes to Salesforce? 

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10 steps to better sales and marketing copy

Let’s talk about messaging and hard it is to do well. Have you ever noticed how bad most website copy is? How every B2B software company’s website looks the same? How every sales outreach email feels like it's copied from one template? 

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Communicating with customers in a pandemic

Before you think "oh no, not another blog post about the pandemic," please hear me out for just a minute. We need to talk about fatigue, information overload, and anxiety. Sounds fun, right? No, of course it doesn't. But if you work on or run a customer-facing team, you need to be thinking about...

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The complete RevOps glossary

Every job has its own jargon and acronyms. But revenue organizations might have more acronyms than most. If you work in sales, marketing or RevOps, you probably hear dozens of acronyms every day - ARR, ABM, ERP, CAC, ABC, BDR, SQL, ZAP, CLM, etc... (okay maybe a couple of these aren't real, but...

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What we've learned using LinkedIn for B2B marketing

Let's face it, social media is a crucial channel for marketing in the digital age. For us, LinkedIn has been such an important channel in telling the early Gradient Works story, and we want to dig into what we've learned so far. In our recent post about what marketing is when you don’t have a...

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A practical guide to lead-to-account matching

One of the biggest issues in lead routing is duplicate accounts. Messy CRM data contributes to sales collisions, process delays, and even lost revenue. You need to be able to quickly match new leads to accounts and route them to the right sales rep. So how do you actually implement...

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