Account distribution for your full customer lifecycle

Intelligent automation, increased attainment 

Ultra-flexible account distribution software from Gradient Works 

  • Automate every account, lead, and opportunity assignment 
  • Optimized lead routing, territory planning, and account assignment
  • Accurate lead to account matching keeps your data clean 
  • No-code setup, and no developer needed for even the most complex logic
  • Intelligent round robin with weighting, capacity and schedule support
  • Automate follow-up with SLAs, integration with Slack, Salesloft and Outreach, and more

Be sure the right rep gets the right account at the right time, every time. 

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Optimized account distribution for every step of your sales cycle

Automate assignments for all your BDRs, AEs, AMs and CSMs. Increase attainment by improving handoffs throughout your whole customer lifecycle with flexible automation.

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How does it work?

Here's how Gradient Works automates lead distribution and beyond.



A new lead comes in, and our matching algorithms compare it to existing accounts to see if there's a match



Easily build no-code routing logic directly in Salesforce, even for the most complex logic



Distribute leads - or any object - using smart round robin with weighting, capacity and scheduling support



Ensure consistent follow-up with SLAs, task assignment, integration with Salesloft and Outreach