About Gradient Works

Gradient Works is a seed-stage software startup based in Austin, Texas. We're building book management software to help B2B revenue organizations increase attainment through dynamic quota coverage. 

We launched our routing product in 2021 and our dynamic books product in late 2022. We raised a $2 million pre-seed round in October 2021

Working at Gradient Works

Our company is still quite young, but we work hard to be sure everyone on team is supported, at work and away from work. In addition to the unique career opportunity that comes from working at an early-stage startup, we have other great benefits. 

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Health care support

We cover employee medical, dental, and vision insurance, and have disability coverage. We have unlimited sick days.

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Fair compensation

In addition to competitive salaries, we believe all employees at this stage should get generous equity grants. 

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Fully remote

We're technically headquartered in Austin, but we're a fully distributed team with employees across the US. 

The Gradient Works story

We started Gradient Works to tackle one of the most painful things in revenue at scale — making sure the right rep takes the right action with the right account at the right time — with a new approach to territory management that helps sales leaders increase attainment.

Why? Because being a CRO, VP of Sales, or any other revenue leader is hard. In our previous roles as founders and GTM executives, we know how difficult it is to call your shot and hit it - over and over and over again. Doing that at scale requires sophisticated orchestration that we’re only just beginning to be able to manage effectively.

Right now we're starting to solve that problem by automating distribution and assignment, like inbound lead routing and outbound account books.

We're just getting started. There's a lot more coming as we build the system CROs need to operate their organizations and drive revenue velocity.

-Hayes Davis, Co-Founder & CEO

Our values

These values drive us every day - in how we work, how we hire, how we think about our product, our customers, and our team. 

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Pursue the gradient

Be humble. Learn, improve, repeat.

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Play as a team

Put the team first. Enjoy the journey.

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Take ownership

Empower owners. Be responsible. Active decisively.
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Know our customers

Seek to deeply understand. Build for their long-term success.

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Embrace the whole person

Act with empathy, respect and positive intent.