Fast, flexible lead distribution

Convert more leads to qualified opps

Gradient Works automates lead-to-account matching and inbound lead routing, optimizes lead distribution to BDRs, and helps you get new inbounds qualified faster.

  • Matching: Accurate lead, account and contact matching ensures your data stays clean

  • Routing: No-code routing logic built directly in Salesforce handles even the complex rules

  • Assignment: Smart round robin with weighting, capacity and availability support

  • Next steps: Follow-up with SLAs, tasks, and integration with Salesloft and Outreach 

Gradient Works Dashboard


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“We’ve automated our MQL distribution process with Gradient Works, which has been instrumental to scaling our sales organization for the next stage of our company’s growth.”

-Brandon Smith, Revenue Operations Manager, QuotaPath

Reps are capacity constrained. Your lead routing shouldn't be.

Sellers can only work so many leads at once. Set up your routing to ensure the highest potential leads get to the right place, based on buying signals, rep capacity and more. 

  • Route based on external buying signals like intent, hand raises, firmographic changes, buying stage changes, product engagements, and more

  • Build rep capacity into your round robin model

  • Easily manage internal handoffs like customer stage changes, moving accounts from BDR to AE, AE to AM, and more
Assignment Details in Gradient Works

No more manual effort, no more spreadsheets

Dashboard in Gradient Works

Gradient Works Lead Routing is built right into Salesforce, giving you one place to manage everything related to lead and account distribution.

  • Keep your data clean with powerful lead-to-account matching

  • Assign any type of Salesforce object to any user using any field

  • Answer any assignment question using full audit history for every ownership change

Go beyond simple lead routing with hyper-flexible tools

Gradient Works Routing workflows are built with Salesforce Flow. Use your team’s existing skills, enhance current logic, and maintain it all using modern no-code Salesforce tools.

  • Powerful logic with everything Salesforce Flow offers

  • Fast and efficient for even the highest velocity orgs

  • Configurable triggers, built on schedules, changes or clicks

We also have an Automation Builder Kit (ABK) that allows you to build powerful routing and assignment automations in Salesforce Flow. More on our ABK here.

Gradient Works Routing Flow