Dynamic books software for B2B sales teams

The sales team of the future is ruthlessly focused on the best accounts at all times. Because even your best reps won’t be successful if they’re selling to the wrong accounts.

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn how:

  • Sales territories are limiting your revenue growth

  • Regular account distributions and returns increase rep productivity 

  • Gradient Works dynamically assigns high-priority accounts to available reps 

  • Current segmentation and prioritization methods lead to gaps in market coverage

Leave behind basic round robin and move to a hyper-efficient model that increases pipeline and keeps rep books balanced.

"With dynamic books, we can quickly react to what's going on in the market and refocus our energy on industries where deals are still moving well."
Kevin McKeown, CRO
Kevin McKeown, CRO Beekeeper

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Gradient Works customers book more meetings, save reps time on prospecting, and create more opportunities. 

With dynamic book management software from Gradient Works, sales teams can: 

  • Keep rep books dynamically balanced
  • Identify and prioritize high-potential accounts
  • Automate every account, lead and opportunity assignment 
  • Optimize lead routing and account distribution
  • Increase rep productivity and attainment
  • Match leads to accounts accurately 

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