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“We’ve been able to change the way we manage the flow of our entire sales process. Gradient Works has helped us increase our revenue velocity - optimizing who’s receiving what and reducing latency across our sales cycle.”
Kevin McKeown, CRO
Kevin McKeown, CRO Beekeeper

Gradient Works customers connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and help reps focus.

With dynamic books software from Gradient Works, sales teams can: 

  • Identify and target high-potential prospect accounts
  • Uncover trending microsegments for outreach
  • Optimize lead routing and account distribution
  • Keep rep books dynamically balanced
  • Increase rep productivity and attainment

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G2 5-star review of Gradient Works

"Gradient Works allows us to make quick, but impactful changes to the book of accounts our reps work. It allows us to put the right accounts into our rep's hands so they can actively work those accounts. Additionally, they have helped us with lead conversion, which has been super valuable."

-Brandon Smith, Sr Manager RevOps at QuotaPath