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Sometimes we just want a hug

Communicating with customers in a pandemic

2/11/21 8:27 AM

Before you think "oh no, not another blog post about the pandemic," please hear me out for just a minute. We need to talk about fatigue, information overload, and anxiety. Sounds fun, right? No, of course it doesn't. But if you work on or run a customer-facing team, you need to be thinking about what these things mean for your prospects and customers.

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Lead routing is a lot like getting directions

A practical guide to lead-to-account matching

1/27/21 12:11 PM

One of the biggest issues in lead routing is duplicate accounts. Messy CRM data contributes to sales collisions, process delays, and even lost revenue. You need to be able to quickly match new leads to accounts and route them to the right sales rep. So how do you actually implement lead-to-account matching?

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Fit, timing and how systems drive sales productivity

12/30/20 9:01 AM

It’s common in revenue organizations to look at an unproductive rep and blame them for “not putting in the effort” or “not following the process”. While that can be the case, it’s worth pausing to ask yourself if you’ve orchestrated a system that enables reps to be effective.

In this post I’m going to take you through a framework for evaluating where opportunity lies for reps, identify some reasons that reps aren’t able to maximize that opportunity, and then provide some suggestions on how to improve. Sound good? Let’s go!

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Plug the lead leak

Plug the lead leak: Your reps should own accounts, not leads

12/10/20 8:07 AM

In B2B revenue organizations, sales reps should own accounts - and only accounts. The reason is simple. Businesses are your customers, not individuals. And, well, accounts represent businesses. This seemingly simple statement has far reaching implications for how you construct your processes and your teams.

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