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Optimize your territory planning with account distribution automation from Gradient Works.

Smarter territory planning

Sales territory planning is a complex optimization problem. You have to figure out how to divide a set of accounts fairly between a set of reps. You want to be sure your sales reps can sell most effectively to the right prospects.

Sounds simple, but we all know it isn't.

That’s where Gradient Works comes in. Gradient Works automates the account distribution process, making territory planning simple and fast.

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The right accounts in the hands of the right rep, always.

With Gradient Works, you can handle even the stickiest territory issues. 

  • Capacity capping. Be sure no rep has more accounts than they can handle. 
  • Employee turnover. Easily redistribute accounts when a rep leaves. 
  • Fair and balanced books. Keep rep books balanced, even as new accounts come in and old accounts move out.

Territory planning for the future of sales

Stop wasting time with manual territory management, and move to intelligent automation for better book building. Get a personalized demo of Gradient Works now.

Automate every account distribution

Employee turnover

How do you distribute a set of accounts when a rep leaves your company? Are you manually redistributing their accounts amongst your other reps? How can you be sure that redistribution is fair? 

Annual account allocation  

How long does your annual account reallocation process take? How do you know you’re distributing the right accounts to the reps who are most likely to close or retain those accounts? 

Solutions for new business and account management

Whether you’re focused on territory planning for new business reps or account managers, automating your team’s account distribution process will save time and increase revenue.

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“We’ve automated our distribution process with Gradient Works, which has been instrumental to scaling our sales organization for the next stage of our company’s growth.”

-Brandon Smith, Revenue Operations Manager, QuotaPath

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Gradient Works territory planning

What goes into territory planning and account distribution with Gradient Works? 


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4 steps to lead distribution


Capacity meters: Easily monitor and (re)configure rep capacity 

Matching: Avoid ownership conflicts by automatically matching new contacts to existing accounts

Assignment: Configure even the most complex logic with round robin, weighting, capacity and schedule support 

History: Keep track of every distribution with assignment history reporting

More than just territory planning

Gradient Works can automate assignment of opportunities, accounts, new customers, renewals, and so much more - for every handoff throughout your entire customer lifecycle.