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Get smarter account coverage and eliminate bad territories forever with Gradient Works - the dynamic books automation platform for modern sales teams.

Everything you need for dynamic sales book management

Select accounts

Segment your market and prioritize your prospects with AI.

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Assign accounts

Dynamically allocate priority prospects to reps with available capacity.


Optimize coverage

Hold reps accountable and address market-level coverage gaps.


Trusted by great B2B sales teams

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“Now we have more even distribution of pipeline across the team and more even quota attainment, and it's been really well received by the sellers. Dynamic books has been really helpful to do away with a lot of rules of engagement distractions and disputes."


"The team is focused on the right accounts and ensuring we're not wasting quota capacity. I'm excited to have actual reliable data I can use to do capacity planning in the future. We'll have a much more accurate view of supply and demand, which will make scaling 1000% simpler."


"With dynamic books and Gradient Works, we can quickly react to what's going on in the market and refocus our energy on industries where deals are still moving well. We can adapt to market conditions or discover a new TAM we didn't know we previously were selling into."

Why sales teams turn to Gradient Works

  • Imbalanced attainment

    With Gradient Works, companies identify high-potential prospects, dynamically distribute accounts to reps with capacity, and help sales leaders keep reps on track. Sales teams set more meetings, create more opportunities, and get more reps on quota faster.

  • Ineffective outbounding

    Outbound prospecting is always hard, but it's especially hard this year. It's more important than ever to know exactly what makes a great prospect. With Gradient Works, teams ensure that every single sales rep is ruthlessly focused on the highest-potential accounts in their market. 

  • Poor account coverage

    There isn't much that's worse than when a good prospect signs with a competitor. Companies using Gradient Works can identify and close market coverage gaps before losing untapped opportunities to a competitor.