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Better copy is possible

10 steps to better sales and marketing copy

2/23/21 10:23 AM

Let’s talk about messaging and hard it is to do well. Have you ever noticed how bad most website copy is? How every B2B software company’s website looks the same? How every sales outreach email feels like it's copied from one template? 

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everything is on fire

Marketing in a time of crisis

1/13/21 9:14 AM

2021 has been a year, huh? Just two weeks into this promising new year, and somehow it’s gotten off to an even worse start than last year.

We’re living through a time of “unprecedented turmoil” (a phrase I read about once a week in the news). There’s a lot going on, like the out-of-control pandemic, an attempted coup, and rampant systemic racism, not to mention a thousand other things. It can be hard to focus on something like selling B2B software during times of global crisis.

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marketing spelled out in scrabble tiles

What is marketing when you don't even have a product yet?

12/29/20 1:17 PM

Marketing at an early-stage, pre-product company looks a lot different than it does at more mature company with a product. When no one is selling anything yet, marketing's role is to build a foundation for the company's future efforts - launching the first product, recruiting employees, attracting customers.

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silos: good for storing grain, not good for account based marketing

Account based marketing is more than just marketing

12/16/20 11:09 AM

ABM is more than just marketing. Really, "account based marketing" is a bad name for it - it should be called "account based everything." Because, to actually be successful, ABM requires coordination between marketing, sales, account management, and customer success. Account based marketing is way more than just marketing. 

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Woman interacting with computer

Customer experience and all the people your customers interact with

10/14/20 9:28 AM

At your company, how often does a customer account change owners?

As someone moves from lead to prospect to new customer to retained customer, their account changes ownership at least four times. They have dozens of interactions with your company.

And at every step, you have an opportunity to improve those interactions and make those ownership handoffs smoother.

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