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Carving is for pumpkins, not territories

It’s annual planning season. That means it’s territory time so we need to talk about carving.

Stop. Carving. Territories.

Here’s a secret the most efficient high-velocity B2B sales teams use. They throw out the once-a-year geographic carving process and use something built for 2023 (not 1923) instead.

It’s called dynamic books.

Instead of carving patches once a year, handing those out, and relying on the reps to prioritize, teams that use dynamic books do it this way:

  1. Ruthlessly define their ICP and tier their accounts.

  2. Keep their segmentation (e.g. SMB, MM, Ent) but drop geography.

  3. Do a bottoms-up analysis to see how many accounts a rep can work at once.

  4. Max out rep capacity with the best accounts. Leave the rest in a pool.

  5. Reps turn accounts into customers or find they can’t make progress.

  6. If they can’t make progress, let them return those accounts to the pool.

  7. Top off the reps’ books with the next best accounts from the pool.

  8. Hold reps accountable. Retrieve and redistribute accounts they don't work.

  9. Repeat steps 1-8 continuously.

  10. Watch their pipeline increase.

Top sales teams don't come together once a year to try to carve up their territories like Goldilocks. Instead, they work for efficient account coverage that dynamically adapts to market conditions. There really is no better way to run an account-based inside sales motion in 2023.

Our CEO Hayes Davis spoke about this at Pavilion's GTM2023 conference in Nashville on October 12. You can view his deck here

PS - If you don’t believe us about number 10… We’ve seen teams increase pipeline by 16% or set more meetings after cutting their headcount by 50%.

better territories in 2024

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