Omnipresent uses dynamic book management to increase opportunity creation by 16%

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How Omnipresent implemented Gradient Works and transformed SDR productivity

After a period of rapid growth, Omnipresent was looking to increase SDR productivity. They implemented Gradient Works Bookbuilder and a dynamic books process.

Having more clarity into their account books, reps are now making more calls, completing more steps in their outreach cadence, touching more accounts, and most importantly - creating more opportunities. Calls are up 146%, total touches are up 66%, and completed cadence steps are up 63%. New opportunity creation is up 16%.

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Want to learn more about how Omnipresent implemented their new approach? 

Watch this discussion with Omnipresent's RevOps team to hear why they changed to a new territory model, how they rolled it out, what reps think of the changes, and what they recommend for other companies thinking of a similar change. 


Thinking about moving from static territories to a more dynamic model?

Gradient Works software provides dynamic book management so every rep has a fair allocation of accounts and a real opportunity to succeed. Increase attainment with dynamic books.