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Webinar: Modern territory design

Is your company starting to think about territory planning for 2023? Then you might want to read this. 
We recently held a webinar about modern territory design. We discussed how to drive attainment through better territory design. 

Because, let's face it - the old way of doing territories (annual territory planning, static territories, geographic models) is failing to deliver results. Attainment is low, rep churn is high, and companies are struggling to hit their number. In this era of complex B2B buyer behavior, inside sales, and tight budgets, how do you ensure that you’re covering your market as efficiently as possible? Hear from ops and sales leaders as they share what’s worked and what hasn’t on the way to a new, more dynamic approach to territory design.

During the webinar, panelists will discuss topics like:

  • How does your company think about territory design?
  • What changes have you made that have positively impacted attainment or other KPIs?
  • How do you go about implementing a new model? What should companies that want to change their model be thinking about?
  • What are some mistakes you (or companies you’ve seen) have made with territories?
  • Are there situations where an older model (static or geographic territories, for example) still makes sense?

You can watch the webinar for free here. Enjoy!

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