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Beyond lead routing: Managing rep assignment through the customer lifecycle

10/21/20 7:15 PM

In my role as a Revenue Operations leader and especially since founding Gradient Works (all of 3 months ago!), I’ve had tons of conversations with revenue leaders and operators at all stages - from tiny startups to multi-billion dollar public companies. One topic that consistently comes up is rep assignment - making sure that you’ve got the right kind of reps assigned to the right accounts/opportunities/leads at the right stage. It’s a tricky thing that most high-velocity B2B revenue organizations struggle with.

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Woman interacting with computer

Customer experience and all the people your customers interact with

10/14/20 9:28 AM

At your company, how often does a customer account change owners?

As someone moves from lead to prospect to new customer to retained customer, their account changes ownership at least four times. They have dozens of interactions with your company.

And at every step, you have an opportunity to improve those interactions and make those ownership handoffs smoother.

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Two women talking over Zoom

Better Zoom video to close more deals

10/13/20 10:01 AM

We're all doing a lot more calls over Zoom this year. A LOT. A video call may not have the same impact as an in-person conversation, but it's a lot richer than a simple phone call. When used well, Zoom can be more than a simple communication channel - it can be the secret ingredient you need to get a deal over the finish line. 

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Team of SDRs looking at computer

Tips to build (and build up) an SDR team

10/8/20 8:45 AM

Managing entire teams remotely is a challenge. Coaching, evaluating, supporting—these all become more complicated when done remotely, especially for more junior sales roles. How do you keep your SDR team engaged and motivated?

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