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How to make your virtual SKO a success

9/30/20 9:14 AM

If you have a December or January fiscal year-end, you’re probably starting to think about your 2021 sales kickoff, and how you’re going to pull off a virtual SKO with the same impact as your previous in-person SKOs.

This goes beyond Zoom fatigue. A good sales kickoff sets the tone for your year. So does a bad one.

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Your customer experience sucks

9/16/20 2:14 PM

Picture this… You visit a company’s website. You’re interested in what they sell, or you’re checking out some of their resources. If you’re already on the website, there’s a high probability you’re a warm lead.

Then the chatbot pops up. And the privacy consent. And a banner promoting a new ebook. And a newsletter signup form.

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4 things I’ve learned after the first week of my internship

9/10/20 8:24 AM

This is a guest post from Gradient Works' first-ever marketing intern - Allie Spratto. Allie is majoring in Corporate Communication and preparing to graduate from college at the end of the year. She'll be sharing her perspective here from time to time throughout the semester. 

Last week was my first official week as a marketing intern at Gradient Works and let me tell you, I felt absolutely and completely underprepared.

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