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New! AI research and data enrichment for hyper-targeted outbound

Last September, we launched Market Map to help B2B sales teams intelligently segment and prioritize target accounts. Since then our customers have been using Market Map to identify microsegments of similar accounts to run targeted outbound plays to, and to replace generalized industry data with more actionable AI-informed industry definitions. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the first of several big additions to Market Map, all built to help B2B sales teams increase pipeline creation through hyper-targeted outbound.

This new and improved version of Market Map now includes AI research and data enrichment. This builds on the existing customer lookalike and microsegmentation capabilities that are already changing how our customers generate pipeline.

Market Map now includes enrichment attributes on every account in a customer’s CRM, including custom enrichment.

With custom enrichment, customers can extract any kind of unique data on their prospect accounts in a structured way, and then enrich every account in their database with that data. This enables reps to find the highest potential prospects and run targeted plays to them with hyper-relevant context. 

Pipeline creation is inefficient and inconsistent because it’s hard to accurately prioritize accounts 

Most companies attempt to quantify the criteria necessary to ensure a prospect is a good fit for outreach. But in reality, the data that goes into most account scores is often inaccurate and inconsistently applied. 

When B2B companies score prospect accounts for fit, they typically consider four main criteria:

  1. Company location
  2. Size, based on employee count or revenue
  3. Industry
  4. A specific factor that’s unique to their business. 

To measure that unique fourth fit factor, companies do two things.

First, they have sales reps manually research accounts to determine if they’re a good fit. Some studies show that reps spend 20% or more of their time manually researching and prioritizing prospect accounts.

Second, companies resort to buying third-party data enrichment data. They either turn to legacy data providers that only offer generalized firmographics or very niche data providers they have to pay for in addition to their general data enrichment. 

This is costly, time-consuming, and often inaccurate. Companies are left to settle for data that doesn’t provide enough information to help reps accurately prioritize their outreach, leading to inefficient pipeline creation. 

Gradient Works Market Map now includes an AI web crawler to improve outbound pipeline creation with custom enrichment

Market Map now offers an AI-powered index of accounts that helps B2B sales teams hyper-target their outbound prospecting on the best possible accounts. With Market Map, reps set more meetings, create more pipeline, and beat their quota.

Market Map includes: 

  1. Customer lookalikes so teams can target prospects similar to their best customers

  2. AI-composed microsegments of high-potential prospects to run targeted plays to

  3. NEW: Customized enrichment based on a company’s specific prospecting needs to save manual research time and effort 

Market Map in three steps

The new Market Map AI web crawler indexes prospect accounts with both custom enrichments on any criteria that matter to a sales team, as well as standard data enrichments, such as company location and phone number. The custom data enrichment (now in beta!) allows companies to reliably measure that unique fourth fit factor they need to prioritize outreach, consistently across all accounts in their CRM, before an account is ever sent to a seller. 

Custom data points can be anything - roles companies are currently hiring for, whether or not they offer a free trial, how many customers they have, their integrations, and so much more. Ultimately, if it’s a question a sales rep can answer by manually researching a company, then Market Map can now answer that question with AI-driven custom enrichment, automatically across every account in a customer’s database. The possibilities are endless. 

By systematically analyzing, scoring and prioritizing accounts before they’re delivered to reps, Market Map eliminates a ton of manual research effort, creates consistency across an entire sales team, and allows reps to spend more time creating hyper-relevant outreach to the highest potential target accounts. Ultimately, this leads to more efficient pipeline creation. 

Join the custom enrichment beta

The custom enrichment beta is now open! You can request access here. Or you can learn more about Market Map and how it works here

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