A map to your best prospects

Harness the power of AI to identify the best accounts in your database

Market Map helps B2B sales teams intelligently select and prioritize target accounts. 

Your reps shouldn't have to be data scientists to know which accounts to focus on. Quickly identify your highest potential accounts. 

“Our reps are thrilled because they know the accounts we assign from Market Map are going to be worth reaching out to, and our ops team loves having this new ability to source high-potential accounts.”

-Sales Ops Manager, Thoropass

You just closed a great new customer

So how can you find more just like that one? 

Market Map will help you identify all the prospect accounts that are similar to your best customers, scoring them so you can prioritize the very best for outreach. 

Industry data is broken

Market Map takes an AI-driven approach to industry classification, resulting in a more detailed - and therefore more useful - analysis of a company’s industry.

This is different from existing data enrichment tools that use predetermined industry categories to do a top-down analysis to classify companies. The result is too broad to be very useful.

Companies in the Software industry in Zoominfo

Companies in ZI's Business Intelligence Software subcategory

Tier 1 prospects in relevant BI Software Market Map clusters

Quickly identify the best accounts in your CRM

  • Identify high-potential prospects that are similar to your best customers 

  • Provide sales reps with detailed information about each prioritized account to customize outreach

  • Learn which segments you've been most successful in, to invest more resources there

  • Dynamically distribute prioritized accounts to reps with available capacity

  • Run coverage reports to see how thoroughly your team is working prioritized accounts

Market Map with zoomed in tier 1 cluster

With Market Map, you'll get:

market map explorer

How is Market Map's use of AI different from other sales tech? 

Gradient Works Market Map Overview

First, we use generative AI to research all the accounts in your CRM. Market Map assesses their online presence, learning about their products and services. 

This research then feeds a proprietary machine learning process to build a customized account lookalike model for any given market.

The result? Instantly useful clusters of accounts grouped by similarity to your best customers. 

It’s like an army of market researchers thoroughly analyzing every single account, evaluating them on thousands of attributes.

Your customers are your literal ICP. Get more of them.

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