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Introducing Market Map: A map to your best prospects

At Gradient Works, we believe the sales team of the future is account-based, dynamic, and ruthlessly focused on their ICP. Today, we’re taking the next step toward that future.

What if you could use the power of AI to better understand your ICP? Imagine an army of BDRs thoroughly evaluating every prospect across thousands of dimensions and identifying the ones most like your best customers. Each account is scored so you can proactively target those accounts. That would be amazing, right?

Yes, it would be. So we built it.

Introducing Market Map - a map to the best accounts in your CRM. 

Market Map helps B2B sales teams intelligently refine their ideal customer profile and select target accounts.

How does it work? 

Market Map uses generative AI to research all the accounts in your CRM, evaluating their online presence to develop a deep understanding of their products and services – no prior firmographic enrichment required. This research then feeds a proprietary machine learning process that builds a customized lookalike model.

You get: 

  • A map to every account in your CRM with ICP fit ranking

  • Individual account scores to help you prioritize outreach

  • Nuanced industry clusters built by AI specifically for your market 

  • Similarity graph to learn which prospects are most like your best customers

Whether you’re using dynamic books or not, Market Map adds a new layer of intelligence to your account selection and coverage. If you are using dynamic books, you’ll find it’s easy to use Market Map data in your distributions to make your account coverage even more efficient.

Our favorite part? There’s a free Market Map! And it’s available to anyone, no matter what CRM you use.

So get your free Market Map here

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