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Find your next customer with new Market Map updates

The map to your best prospects just got better. Today we’re excited to announce Market Map 3.0, an entirely new approach to prioritizing your best prospects by replacing archaic industry data with AI customer lookalike scores.

Your next customer is already in your CRM and probably not showing intent right now. And the state of your CRM data isn’t making it easy to find. Market Map can help.

We’re halfway through 2024. The plans we put into place at the beginning of the year are under pressure and it’s clear we need to make some changes. Where is our H2 pipeline going to come from? At the same time, sales reps feel like they’ve gone through all the good accounts in their territory and there’s nothing left to go after. They need more - and better - accounts to work. So sales leaders are looking for ways to fill their reps’ funnels. 

Market Map helps you find your next great customer

Market Map uncovers the highest potential prospect accounts in a company’s database, using AI to generate more precise industry classifications and customer lookalikes. It’s a different way of thinking about prospect prioritization based on scores generated from your ideal customer or other target accounts. 

AI industry classification that really works

Market Map’s AI clustering ability creates highly accurate groups of related accounts with detailed industry classifications that work way better than generalized, outdated NAICS codes to identify high potential prospects.

Market Map clusters and industry

Precise prospect targeting based on customer lookalikes and more 

Market Map scores prospect accounts based on their similarity to your best customers, identifying customer lookalikes that are your highest potential prospects. And now for the first time, we’re expanding that ability to any group of target accounts. Market Map can score accounts on multiple dimensions against any group of ideal target accounts. Looking for cross-sell opportunities based on a set of recent upsells? Want to find prospects that have specific partners? No problem. 

It’s fast, powerful, and analyzes all the accounts in your CRM (and it doesn’t care how messy that CRM data is). You can quickly prioritize your prospect accounts and use the detailed summaries to develop highly relevant messages to a hyper-targeted audience, increasing response rates to your team’s outreach. 

Market Map 3.0 Cluster Panel-1

How does Market Map work? 

Market Map uses AI to identify groups of similar accounts in your CRM and scores them based on how much they look like your existing customers. 

  1. You provide a list of prospects and customers from your CRM or a CSV. 
  2. Our software crawls each company website, using AI to read it.
  3. Our AI learns what each company does, including the products and services they offer as well as the markets they serve.
  4. Our AI uses this knowledge to cluster companies that do similar things together, identifying each cluster and providing a lookalike score for each company based on how similar it is to customers or other target accounts.

Heard enough? Go learn more about Market Map here

Market Map 3.0 Map with Single Cluster

What’s new? 

  • The ability to run multiple maps, which lets you identify lookalike accounts based on different sets of target accounts (e.g., customers that have specific partners vs customers that you can cross-sell to)

  • New UI with focus on list views that lets you more quickly explore, including filtering and sorting accounts by score, tier and a bunch of other criteria. Market Maps can also include other data enrichment, including both our standard enrichment and custom enrichments

  • An updated analytics summary that shows you what’s in your Market Map at a glance. 

  • Cluster panel with details on that cluster, including an AI summary of the cluster. You can also sort, filter and export accounts from a cluster. 

  • Account panel with more detail on that account, including an AI summary of that account, that account’s score and tier, the target accounts it’s most similar to, and more. 

  • Native support for both Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs. If you use Salesforce or HubSpot, you can now export all the unfiltered data directly to your CRM or CSV. For existing customers, this also means you can refresh or run new maps without talking to someone on the GW team.

  • Lots more AI powered research tasks coming soon! 

If you're an existing customer, go check out the updates! If you'd like to learn more about how to get your own Market Map, let's talk.

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