A map to your best prospects

Get a free Market Map to find the highest potential accounts in your CRM. 

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Get your free Market Map

Quickly identify the best accounts in your CRM

A free Market Map includes:

  • Analysis of up to 5,000 accounts from your CRM 

  • Interactive visualization of AI-identified account clusters

  • Prioritized tiers for all accounts in your Market Map

  • Data export of a set of analyzed accounts, including account scores and tiers 

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A new way of segmenting and scoring target accounts

Quickly find the best accounts in your CRM with Market Map.

Your reps shouldn't have to be data scientists to know which accounts to focus on. Quickly identify and prioritize your best accounts. 

“Our reps are thrilled because they know the accounts we assign from Market Map are going to be worth reaching out to, and our ops team loves having this new ability to source high-potential accounts.” 
Greg Jurgajtis, Senior Manager of Sales Operations
Greg Jurgajtis, Senior Manager of Sales Operations THOROPASS

Market Map is like an army of great SDRs, researching every prospect to find the ones most like your best customers (just without the actual army).

Watch this short tour to see how Market Map uses AI to surface the highest potential prospects in your CRM.