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Better outbound starts with focus

high potential microsegment


Identify high-potential microsegments for focused outreach

The best outbound strategy is focusing on the highest-potential accounts. Market Map helps sales teams focus by identifying the best accounts for outreach and operationalizing plays to those accounts.

How does it work? 

  1. Connect to your CRM.

  2. Identify lookalike accounts that are similar to your best customers and trending microsegments of related accounts. 

  3. Distribute the highest potential accounts to sales reps to work, complete with relevant context on similar customers to create hyper-targeted messaging.

  4. Analyze, coach, and repeat.

Segment, target and take action

Market Map will quickly identify the highest potential accounts in your CRM and help you find untapped potential. 

“Our reps are thrilled because they know the accounts we assign from Market Map are going to be worth reaching out to, and our ops team loves having this new ability to source high-potential accounts.” 

Greg Jurgajtis, Senior Manager of Sales Operations
Greg Jurgajtis, Senior Manager of Sales Operations Thoropass

Market Map is like an AI-driven army of great SDRs, researching every prospect to find the ones most like your best customers. With Market Map, you can identify high-potential microsegments of prospect accounts, create profiles of those accounts, run outbound campaigns to them, and track the impact of your outreach. 

Take a short tour to see how Market Map helps you segment, target and take action on the best accounts in your market.