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Free RevOps survival kit

There's a good chance your 2023 plan isn't going exactly to plan so far. And it's not just you - B2B pipeline generation is down 47% and win rates have decreased to 17-20% (more stats like this here).

A lot of the assumptions you had last fall may not hold true now. You may have a smaller sales team. Your customers have smaller budgets. It's taking longer to close deals. 

So if your 2023 plan isn't exactly going to plan so far, we've got a new RevOps Survival Kit to help you get back on track.

The free kit includes the following resources: 

  • Territory health calculator 

  • Rep productivity worksheet

  • Quick guide to calculating productivity rate

  • Guide to reducing CAC

  • Guide to high-performance territories 

  • And more!

Get your free copy of the survival kit here. 

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