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5 things to read right now about CAC payback

We recently joined RevOps Co-op in a webinar about reducing CAC payback for RevOps. We've been talking a lot lately about CAC (customer acquisition cost), why it matters so much right now, and what sales and revenue leaders can do about it. So we've collected all our favorite resources on the topic.

First, you can watch the webinar on-demand here. Start with this video for an introduction to CAC payback, as well as ways RevOps can help reduce CAC payback in their organizations. 

CAC payback for RevOps

Here are 5 other helpful resources on CAC payback, why it matters, and how you can reduce it.

  1. Efficiency as the Primary Operating Principle, by Michael Robinson at Craft Ventures
  2. CAC Payback Basics: What It Is, How to Calculate It and Why It Matters, by Sean Fanning at OpenView Partners
  3. LTV:CAC is a misleading metric to measure performance — here’s what to track instead, by Jay Po at Stage 2 Capital
  4. Gross margin adjusted CAC payback and why we care about it, by Hayes Davis at Gradient Works
  5. Guide to reducing CAC payback and increasing rep productivity, by Gradient Works

Focused-rep productivity, CAC

Happy reading!

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