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Watch now: On-demand webinar about the role of RevOps in reducing CAC

We recently held a webinar in partnership with RevOps Co-op about how RevOps can help reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC).  

Reducing CAC for RevOps webinar

The thesis of the conversation is that RevOps can drive focus and efficiency on the sales team, helping bring down a company's CAC payback period. Specifically, there are three ways RevOps can make an impact: 

  1. Improve the foundation. Ensure ICP, firmographics, intent, scoring, segments, and opp hygiene are top-notch. Problems are a big distraction. 

  2. Don't waste a drop of quota capacity. Be prepared to rethink territories. Static models in a dynamic world lead to poor quota capacity utilization. 

  3. Build leading indicators to learn faster. If you're only measuring output, you'll be too late. Measure as early in your pipe gen process as possible. 

You can view the webinar on-demand here anytime (no email or form fill required).


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