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A few RevOps takeaways from Dreamforce 2021

Salesforce's huge annual Dreamforce event is happening in San Francisco and virtually this week. If you haven't been able to attend or stream a week's worth of content, what have you missed? Besides the Foo Fighters, that is.


One of the most important announcements for the sales operations, revops and Salesforce admin community is the upcoming deprecation of Salesforce Process Builder and Workflow Rules. Salesforce is encouraging everyone to move to Flow (which we totally support!). If you're making the switch, here are some Salesforce Flow resources to help. 

What about new Salesforce features? Salesforce announced Backup and Restore, an automatic data backup and recovery service built into Salesforce.

And of course there are a ton of new Salesforce and Slack integrations coming, specifically to support the hybrid workplace of the future. That includes Slack Clips, which allow Slack users to share snippets of audio, video and images more easily. Salesforce has a full list of new Slack functionality here

As always, Salesforce Ben is on top of it, and has a great roundup of some of the bigger Salesforce development announcements

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