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Free Salesforce Flow reference guide

Salesforce is deprecating Process Builder and Workflow Rules in favor of Salesforce Flow. If you're new to Flow, you might want a little help with that transition. And even if you're a Flow pro, you probably have questions once in a while. 

We're here to help! The Gradient Works team loves Flow (seriously, we really do), and have created a ton of Flow resources over the past year. But one thing we haven't found is a quick Salesforce Flow reference guide - something that helps you quickly troubleshoot a Flow, or look up how to do a specific action. 

So here we are to fill that gap, with our brand new quick Flow reference guide! It's free and we promise it's helpful. It includes everything you need to work with Flow, including information on flow types, naming conventions, resources and data, common issues, pro tips, and much more.  

And stay tuned, because we've got more coming to help you build better Flows. For now, download our new free guide.

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