Everything you need to know about Salesforce Flow

Whether you're a Flow pro or just getting to know it, you probably know that Salesforce Flow is the future of automation in Salesforce. 

Flow is incredibly powerful, and has myriad use cases for Salesforce automation, but it can have a steep learning curve. But don't despair - we can help!

We're Gradient Works and we love Salesforce Flow. We also have extensive experience using Flow. (For example, our lead routing and assignment software is built on Flow.) So we've prepared a ton of detailed, technical resources for using Flow. Have a look below.


Do you use Flow for Salesforce lead routing? 

While we love Flow at Gradient Works, it's just a passion of ours. Our main business is lead distribution and assignment automation. We've got a new way of automating and optimizing assignments in Salesforce, and it's built on Flow.