Everything you need to move from Salesforce Process Builder to Salesforce Flow

Salesforce has announced that they're officially retiring Process Builder and Workflow Rules in 2023, and encouraging everyone to start moving to Flow now. Salesforce Flow is the future.

Many Salesforce Admins and Sales Ops teams have a lot of work in front of them to move off Process Builder. And Flow can have a steep learning curve, but it is ultimately much more powerful.

And that's where Gradient Works comes in. We love Salesforce Flow, and have extensive experience using it. In fact, our lead routing and assignment software relies on Flow. So let us help you transition from Process Builder to Flow. 

And if you already use Flow, we've got some resources that might be helpful for you too. Take a look below.

Creating a new Salesforce Flow

Here are some of our favorite Salesforce Flow resources 

Want more sophisticated automation? 

Our team has spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours with Flow. We love it. And we've built our assignment automation software on it. Want to see? Let's talk.