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The steering wheel for the CRO

Gradient Works CEO Hayes Davis recently spoke on The Revenue Engine podcast about building a steering wheel for a CRO: "The steering wheel for the CRO - what we think of as the CRO operating system. And what that really allows for is helping organizations automate and optimize their rules of engagement."

The podcast discusses all things revenue operations including rules of engagement, sales processes, sales technology, personas and your ICP, and so much more. Like a CRO steering wheel...

As Hayes said on the podcast, "The way I view the steering wheel comes back to providing value for the CRO. If you have a platform that's managing the allocation of all of your opportunity across the customer lifecycle, then if you need to make a change because you see a shortfall, one of the things you can do is adjust how you're assigning opportunity. And so that starts to get to this idea of a steering wheel - where you can do something like adjust the types of leads that are going to these types of reps, because we think that's going to provide coverage to cover our shortfall that we think we're going to have in six months."

Revenue organizations work a lot like a factory or a machine, like a car. They have a number of individual moving parts that come together to work as a whole. It also means that when one part fails, it impacts the entire machine. 

"Think about your revenue organization as an interconnected system — with inbounds, outbounds, onboarding, customers, and so much more," said Hayes. "So you really need to try to diagnose bottlenecks in that system. Your revenue will never grow faster than your biggest bottleneck, wherever that bottleneck is. Being able to understand and diagnose that as super important."

There's lots more insight on building a smoothly running revenue machine in the podcast. Listen to the full episode here


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