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Announcing public availability and our pre-seed funding!

Today we're thrilled to announce the public availability of Gradient Works, as well as a round of funding to help us transform how revenue leaders operate their organizations at scale.

We're incredibly excited to be addressing an acute pain for revenue leaders (and one we've felt ourselves) with a new approach to one of the least-loved challenges in revenue: rules of engagement.

Read on for more. (You can also read the full press release here if that's your thing.)

We're building for revenue leaders

Why? Because being a CRO, VP of Sales, or any other revenue leader is incredibly hard. In our previous roles as founders and GTM executives, we know how difficult it is to call your shot and hit it - over and over and over again. Revenue organizations at scale are complex systems that combine people, process and technology. They require sophisticated orchestration that we’re only just beginning to be able to manage effectively.

To paraphrase Tolstoy, every inefficient revenue system is inefficient in its own way. And let's face it, we all have inefficiencies, gaps to plan, and other issues we have to address.

We knew there had to be a better way to make driving revenue velocity more predictable, more consistent; in short, more systematic.

A new approach to rules of engagement

So here we are. We’re starting by automating rules of engagement and assignment, like inbound lead routing and customer account ownership.

Every sales organization of a certain size has a document (or maybe undocumented team knowledge) detailing their rules of engagement (RoE) - the fundamental description of the who, what, when, where and how their team works. That static document is disconnected from operational processes, leaving revenue leaders to adjudicate after-the-fact issues, collisions, and complaints. What started as a way to tame the chaos of a large organization becomes an extensive rule book driving myriad manual processes that slow you down.

Enter Gradient Works. We've built it from the ground up to have the flexibility you need to automate and optimize every handoff across your customer lifecycle. Make sure every inbound lead is properly matched and assigned to the right BDR, make sure every opportunity goes to the right AE, and every customer ends up with the right AM.

RoE automation reduces sales cycles by speeding up responsibility transfers, reduces conflict by ensuring your RoE is followed without human error, and optimizes deal size by ensuring you've always got the right rep working every opportunity. Whatever your rules, Gradient Works helps you turn them into active, reportable processes in your Salesforce.

We've already got some amazing customers who are using Gradient Works across their revenue organizations - companies like Upwork, Pathwire, Wordpress VIP and Parse.ly, GoCardless, Luma Health, to name a few.

Want a demo to see how it might work for your sales team? Let's talk.

Fuel for the next stage

In addition to the public availability of Gradient Works, we're also excited to share that we've just closed a $2M pre-seed round from Integr8d Capital, Valley Oak Investments, New York Technology Capital Partners, and some amazing angel investors and revenue leaders, including Liz Cain, John Long, Asher Mathew, Alex Jacobson, AJ Bruno, Bill Spruill, and more.

What's next?

There’s so much more coming. Revenue leaders have an incredibly challenging job and need the right tools to operate their revenue system. We've got big plans for continuing to revolutionize how revenue teams approach their rules of engagement at scale. Beyond that we know there are a host of other planning, resource allocation, and forecasting challenges that CROs live every day - all in the service of driving revenue velocity. We'd love to have you along on the journey, so please connect with us on LinkedIn

And we’re hiring! Right now, we’re looking for a Head of Customer Success. But we’ve got more roles coming soon, which you’ll be able to see on our careers page.

Our team is small but filled with awesome folks with remarkable track records. We’re also proud that we're 85% women and underrepresented minorities right now. You can read more about the company culture we’re building here.

Thank you for the support so far! We can't wait for you see what comes in our next chapter. 

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