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The future is change: Join us to discuss 2022 planning and org design

B2B sales has changed so much over the past few years. Buyers have evolving expectations, the world around us looks entirely different, and sales teams themselves have changed in myriad ways.

It’s clear there’s no going back to normal, whatever that even was. The future is change. Whether your company is going through a period of growth or restructuring, or just trying to keep up with all these changes, you’re probably thinking a lot about planning for 2022. We are too.

So please join us for a webinar on November 17, where we'll discuss these issues. Chris Rack, President of PureB2B and CRO of Demand Science, and Hayes Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Gradient Works, will discuss 2022 planning and what revenue organizations should be thinking about for the future. Chris and Hayes will talk about the changes they’re planning for their own revenue orgs, what other sales leaders are thinking about, and how revenue teams should be thinking about org design.

Their discussion will address:

  • Internal and external factors that will impact 2022
  • Data necessary for planning
  • Stakeholders that should be involved in discussions
  • The kinds of changes orgs are considering
  • Change management and communicating process updates with the team
  • Ensuring changes are successful

We’d love if you would join us for this conversation live on Wednesday, November 17 at 4:00pm CT, but we’ll also record it for offline viewing at another time. Either way, please register here.

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