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The power of AI to prioritize prospects

For the past few weeks at #Inbound and #Dreamforce, we've heard so much about AI for companies and its power to transform sales.

Large language models give us the ability to generate content, but it might be even more important that they can deeply understand content. This is a fundamentally new capability that we’re only just beginning to tap into.

Sure, we can use generative AI to write more and better emails to prospects. But how can we use it to select the prospects we're reaching out to in the first place?

With AI, we can segment and prioritize our prospects for outreach in new, intelligent (and scalable) ways.

Here's an example:

Company X sells software to companies with front-line workers. They’ve always known one of the core industry verticals in their ICP is hospitality.

But Zoominfo identifies more than 5.6 million companies in the hospitality industry. They're grouped into 13 subcategories, including Lodging and Resorts, which is an area Company X has been focusing on. But there are 481k companies in that subcategory, still way too many accounts to target, even after adding in other criteria like company size and revenue.

But what if Company X could score and segment their hospitality accounts in more precise and actionable clusters?

That's where our new Market Map comes in. With it, Company X can identify specific clusters within hospitality where they've already been successful so they can focus more energy on other prospects there.

For example, they discovered that both Luxury Resorts and Beach Resorts were high-potential clusters that included a few hundred prospect accounts and a dozen existing customers.

They can then easily assign those accounts out to reps for outreach, using a targeted cadence they developed with information relating to their existing customers in those clusters. Fast, targeted and precise outreach.

We're just beginning to see the power AI has to offer sales teams, and it really does have the power to transform our processes and our outcomes.

MarketMap Demo

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