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Get our new B2B account prioritization guide

In a normal year, a staggering 69% of salespeople struggle to generate enough leads to meet their quota (source). And it's even worse now, with a slowdown in inbound leads and increasingly difficult outbound efforts. Sales representatives need a more robust top-of-funnel pipeline to hit their opportunity creation targets.

Further, other research indicates that nearly half of sales performance can be attributed to a rep's territory potential compared to their sales skills (source). Even a highly skilled rep will struggle if assigned to an unfavorable territory.

The solution seems straightforward - don't assign bad accounts to good reps. However, the reality is far more complex than simply distributing a list of accounts to sales reps. Figuring out the ideal composition of a seller's book of accounts requires a nuanced approach and a bit more effort.

Well, we have a new guide to help!

Our new account prioritization guide outlines strategies to ensure that every seller on your team focuses on the most promising accounts in their territory. 

Now that you have the new year's plan in place and territories allocated, your next challenge is squeezing as much efficiency as you can from your sales team. This free guide will walk you through everything you need to improve focus and efficiency through account prioritization. 

The guide includes essential prioritization topics such as fit and timing, intent signals, defining your ideal customer profile (ICP), and implementing an effective account score. View it here!

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