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Do you like BBQ? Are you curious about dynamic books?

It's about that time again - time for annual planning and territory design. So we'd like to make an offer to the dynamic books curious folks out there.

Let's have a short, no-strings-attached conversation about how dynamic books could work for you. Just fill out this form

How do you know if you might be dynamic books curious? Do you agree with any of the following statements? If so, dynamic books might be right for you. 

  • I hate territories (and/or territory planning).

  • I'm trying to better prioritize the accounts my reps work.

  • I'm looking for more pipeline.

  • We already do some dynamic account allocation now and I want a more systematic approach.

  • I'm trying to refine our ICP.

If this is you, let's talk. Again, no strings attached. 

We'd like to hear about your current territory design, how you allocate quota capacity, how you think about account segmentation and prioritization, and how you're thinking about pipeline generation for the rest of the year. We can show you how dynamic books might fit into your process.

And our sales team said that people like Texas barbecue, so we'll send some brisket to one lucky hand raiser. (If you're not a meat-eater we'll find you something equally delicious.)

The only requirement is your team needs to use Salesforce. If this is you, just fill out this form.

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