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Sometimes we just want a hug

Communicating with customers in a pandemic

2/11/21 8:27 AM

Before you think "oh no, not another blog post about the pandemic," please hear me out for just a minute. We need to talk about fatigue, information overload, and anxiety. Sounds fun, right? No, of course it doesn't. But if you work on or run a customer-facing team, you need to be thinking about what these things mean for your prospects and customers.

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Sales reps

Beyond lead routing: Managing rep assignment through the customer lifecycle

10/21/20 7:15 PM

In my role as a Revenue Operations leader and especially since founding Gradient Works (all of 3 months ago!), I’ve had tons of conversations with revenue leaders and operators at all stages - from tiny startups to multi-billion dollar public companies. One topic that consistently comes up is rep assignment - making sure that you’ve got the right kind of reps assigned to the right accounts/opportunities/leads at the right stage. It’s a tricky thing that most high-velocity B2B revenue organizations struggle with.

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