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Gradient Works has completed SOC 2 Type 1

We're happy to share that Gradient Works has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance! 

SOC 2 is a system that determines if a software service provider is securely managing third party data to protect customer information and ensure privacy. Compliance with SOC 2 is usually a requirement when considering SaaS providers. There are two types of SOC 2 compliance: Type 1 and Type 2. Most organizations - like us - start with Type 1 to indicate that we have the systems and controls in place to keep your data safe. We're working on Type 2, which takes another 6-12 months and includes an ongoing review period and audit of those controls to ensure we have true operational effectiveness. 

SOC 2 compliance is audited by a third-party, licensed CPA firm, so you can trust that companies with this accreditation will handle your data with the utmost care. We certainly do at Gradient Works.

If you'd like to see our SOC 2 report or learn more about our compliance, please visit our Trust and Safety page

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