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The Gradient Works private beta is expanding

For the past few months, we’ve been quietly working with a few companies in a private beta of our software. Today, we’re ready to expand that beta more widely. At Gradient Works, we’re building software to help increase sales velocity for your entire revenue organization. The first piece of that is our new approach to lead routing and account assignment, now in beta. We're looking for five more companies to try it out. Interested in learning more? Let’s talk.

Do you have a high-velocity B2B sales team? 

Are there bottlenecks in the way leads, accounts and opportunities get assigned to your team?

High-velocity sales teams need smart lead-to-account matching, flexible routing workflows, and dynamic assignment that goes beyond simple round robin. With Gradient Works, you can orchestrate assignment for leads, opportunities and accounts all in one place.

From new leads to long-time customers, make sure you've got the right rep assigned at the right time - fast. Integrated with the Salesforce tools you already use, Gradient Works is more flexible and easier to maintain than any other solution.

Even if you have a lead routing, account-to-lead matching, or account assignment tool, we should have a conversation. Are you totally satisfied with how it performs? Is it fast enough? Are you still assigning demos or customers manually? Is it flexible enough to change as your needs do? Does it help you actually speed up sales cycles?

Learn more about Gradient Works here. We'd love to show you.

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