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Introducing Next Steps from Gradient Works

You probably know by now that we’ve been working on automating assignments throughout the sales cycle with Gradient Works. Our customers use our software to automate everything from lead distribution to opportunity round robin to customer account assignment. 

Automating - and optimizing - assignments is incredibly important. You need to make sure prospects move through your sales cycle without getting lost. You need to make sure every rep has the right deals at the right time. You need to make sure these assignments happen quickly and accurately. You need to make sure inbound leads are matched to existing accounts when appropriate. 

But what happens next? Because after a rep gets that new lead assigned to them, the job’s not finished. Not even close. What happens next is just as important. 

That’s where our brand new Next Steps functionality comes in. Help your reps take the next step, after every assignment.

You can now use Gradient Works to automate the repetitive, routine activities your reps perform on a daily basis, freeing up their time for the more important work they need to be focusing on. That includes: 

  • Create a task in Salesforce for follow-up
  • Enroll a prospect in a Salesloft cadence or Outreach sequence
  • Send custom Slack notifications 
  • Schedule a meeting with a rep in Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 

Here's a little preview of how our new meeting scheduling functionality works. 


We now offer easy integration with the rest of your tech stack, the tools your reps live in every day. That includes new integrations with Slack, Outreach, Salesloft, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365. 

This is about more than just distribution and assignment. It’s about what happens after the assignment - it’s about taking action, automating repetitive tasks, and moving deals more efficiently through your pipeline.  

We believe the lead is just the beginning - routing a lead to the right rep is the first step. And we’re excited that this new functionality helps you take the next step.  

Next steps to get Next Steps

If you’re already a Gradient Works customer, upgrade your package to the latest version in Salesforce to access the new integrations and Next Steps functionality today. 

If you’re not already a customer, what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss how Gradient Works can improve your lead distribution, automate your opportunity and account assignment, and increase rep efficiency at every step in your sales cycle - from lead to close. 

Start with a free trial to see how Gradient Works can transform your sales process.  

This is a big update to Gradient Works, but we’re constantly releasing smaller updates to the product - fixing bugs, adding functionality, improving the user experience. You can keep up with every release in our documentation here

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