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Lead routing is a lot like getting directions

A practical guide to lead-to-account matching

1/27/21 12:11 PM

One of the biggest issues in lead routing is duplicate accounts. Messy CRM data contributes to sales collisions, process delays, and even lost revenue. You need to be able to quickly match new leads to accounts and route them to the right sales rep. So how do you actually implement lead-to-account matching?

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the importance of mentorships

The importance of mentorships

12/9/20 12:41 PM

One of the most important aspects of an internship or junior full-time position is access to more senior coworkers who can help guide, or mentor, a new employee through the experience. Whether they’re official or unofficial, mentor relationships shape both the junior and senior employees for the better in a number of ways.

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Reading reports with a cup of coffee

6 B2B reports worth reading right now

11/19/20 8:29 AM

In marketing, we go through seasonal trends as much as the fashion industry does. While marketing trends don't correspond to weather seasons like summer and fall, most marketing tactics come and go in popularity. And just like in fashion, some trends disappear, others become classics, but most simply evolve into whatever comes next.

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