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Better copy is possible

10 steps to better sales and marketing copy

2/23/21 10:23 AM

Let’s talk about messaging and hard it is to do well. Have you ever noticed how bad most website copy is? How every B2B software company’s website looks the same? How every sales outreach email feels like it's copied from one template? 

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Sometimes we just want a hug

Communicating with customers in a pandemic

2/11/21 8:27 AM

Before you think "oh no, not another blog post about the pandemic," please hear me out for just a minute. We need to talk about fatigue, information overload, and anxiety. Sounds fun, right? No, of course it doesn't. But if you work on or run a customer-facing team, you need to be thinking about what these things mean for your prospects and customers.

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Big books full of RevOps acronyms

The complete RevOps glossary

2/10/21 8:27 AM

Every job has its own jargon and acronyms. But revenue organizations might have more acronyms than most. If you work in sales, marketing or RevOps, you probably hear dozens of acronyms every day - ARR, ABM, ERP, CAC, ABC, BDR, SQL, ZAP, CLM, etc... (okay maybe a couple of these aren't real, but the rest are). 

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Social media

What we've learned using LinkedIn for B2B marketing

1/28/21 8:47 AM

Let's face it, social media is a crucial channel for marketing in the digital age. For us, LinkedIn has been such an important channel in telling the early Gradient Works story, and we want to dig into what we've learned so far. In our recent post about what marketing is when you don’t have a product, we talked about how LinkedIn has been the right place to be to market our B2B content, but what exactly has that looked like?

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Lead routing is a lot like getting directions

A practical guide to lead-to-account matching

1/27/21 12:11 PM

One of the biggest issues in lead routing is duplicate accounts. Messy CRM data contributes to sales collisions, process delays, and even lost revenue. You need to be able to quickly match new leads to accounts and route them to the right sales rep. So how do you actually implement lead-to-account matching?

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