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Helping SDR leaders help their reps succeed

As an SDR or BDR leader, how can you help your reps succeed?

Sales reps want to be successful - they work hard every single day, and try to do the right things to get meetings scheduled. But sales is often tough, thankless work. Especially when it comes to outbound prospecting. 

As a leader, you probably try a combination of coaching, enablement, and motivation to help your reps hit their number. How much time do you spend making sure reps have the right accounts to work?

We’ve pulled together our most popular sales development resources into a toolkit designed to help SDR leaders help their SDRs hit their number, month after month.

The toolkit includes:

  • A flowchart to diagnose and improve rep attainment issues
  • A calculator to model rep productivity based on the size of their book or territory, activity, and quota
  • A case study on how a successful SDR team improved their opportunity creation
  • A discussion of how and why reps might need to return accounts they can't work

Get your free toolkit for SDR success here

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