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Bookbuilder product updates: Scheduled retrievals and distributions

We've released a few handy new updates to the Gradient Works Bookbuilder app. You can now schedule distributions and retrievals in Bookbuilder, as well as process them asynchronously in the background. 

The new scheduling feature allows you to run a distribution or retrieval at some point in the future. You can schedule a one-off run, or a recurring distribution or retrieval. For example, maybe you want to automatically run a new distribution every Monday morning so reps can get a new batch of accounts. You can now set that up and it’ll run automatically every week. 

Processing a lot of accounts can take a long time and often fails entirely. You might run into this when moving a new team to Gradient Works or adding in a large new batch of accounts to distribute. Maybe you’re overhauling your account books entirely or triggering a lot of new automations. Either way, there’s no need to worry about timeouts or API limits because Gradient Works now processes larger distribution and retrieval processes in the background asynchronously. We’ll even alert you when it’s done. 

Now you can configure the following:

  • Distribution and retrieval schedule: You can choose to run a distribution or retrieval at a set time in the future or on a recurring schedule
  • Email notifications: Want your ops team to know when a distribution or retrieval is completed? Or when it fails? You can customize the email alerts (and who receives them) you get for these processes. 
  • And more: We've added other advanced configuration tools for admins managing complex Salesforce environments. We won't go into detail about all those here, but you can read more in our documentation

If you're a current Gradient Works customer, please check with your account manager to learn more. If you're not already a customer, please talk to our sales team about how you can become one. 

The details

When setting up a new distribution or retrieval, we've added a new step before preview generation for you to configure a schedule if you’d like. You can choose to schedule the distribution or retrieval to run once in the future, or set it up on a recurring schedule. You'll also be able to modify, pause or cancel the schedule at any time.

We’ve also added two new email alerts for asynchronous distributions and retrievals: one for when an asynchronous distribution or retrieval is complete, and one for if they fail. By default, we will send these emails to users with the Gradient Works Bookbuilder Admin permission set assigned, but this is configurable from settings within the Bookbuilder app.

Finally, you can also choose to run distributions and retrievals asynchronously. This allows you to do large distributions of a lot of accounts in one effort, without experiencing timeouts and ensuring you maintain balanced, equitable distributions across all recipients. If we detect that a distribution or retrieval will assign more accounts than your configured threshold, we'll automatically run it asynchronously. You'll be able to check on the status of these async distributions or retrievals anytime, and receive a notification when they’re complete. 

Visit our product information if you'd like to learn more about Bookbuilder

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