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The 47 must-know RevOps stats for 2022

Everyone likes stats. Salespeople and marketers love them. We've collected some of our favorite RevOps, marketing and sales statistics here. They include findings from all different kinds of research that help us understand the full B2B customer journey.

We've organized them into sections, so you'll see stats for everything from inbound leads to outbound prospecting, to account management, operations and technology. Let us know if we've missed any!


  • Only 7% of companies respond to new leads within the first 5 minutes (Drift

  • Companies are 21x more likely to turn a lead into an opportunity if they follow up in 5 five minutes as opposed to an hour (New Breed Revenue)

  • The average lead response time is 42 hours (Harvard Business Review)

  • More than half (55%) of companies do not even respond over the course of 5 business days (Drift

  • During covid, marketing went from providing 22% of a company’s leads down to 17% (Korn Ferry)

  • 29% of companies automate lead routing (HubSpot

  • 78% of customers buy from the company that responds first (Sopro)

  • 71% of internet leads are wasted due to slow or no responses (Harvard Business Review)

  • The average lead-to-opportunity conversion rate for SaaS companies is 12% (OpenView Partners


  • Most leads are contacted an average of 1.5x (Ricochet 360

  • It takes 18 or more dials to connect with a prospect over the phone and call-back rates are <1% (Gartner)

  • 71% of world-class sales organizations say they effectively prioritize accounts during prospecting (compared to 40% of all sales orgs) (Korn Ferry)

  • During covid, sales teams generated 58% of new leads, which is up from before covid (Korn Ferry)

  • 39% of sales development leaders say non-sales activities prevent SDRs from meeting their goals (Demandbase)

  • 71% of sales development teams deliver less than half the sales pipeline (Revenue.io)

Opportunity to close  

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the first meeting, but 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up (The Brevet Group

  • When a seller targets 3+ personas, 50% of deals close (Gong)

  • Only 53% of salespeople are making or exceeding their quota (Korn Ferry)

  • Companies rely on their top 20% of salespeople to bring in over 60% of total company sales (Korn Ferry)

  • 80% of world class sales organizations have a customer path mapping for purchase decisions—almost 2x the rate of all organizations—and they are 4x as likely to dynamically align their sales process to the customer’s path (Korn Ferry)

  • 64.8% of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for functions related to selling (Forbes)

Post close

  • 28% of sales leaders report that account management channels regularly meet their crossselling and account growth targets (Gartner)

  • 48% of companies believe the account management process in their company lacks effectiveness (Global Partners Training)

  • 71% of companies believe they had seen less than 26% improvement in sales since launching account management (Global Partners Training)

  • Account managers tend to deprioritize identifying opportunities to grow revenue, due to lack of time, support and tools (Gartner)

  • Only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged and 71% are at risk of leaving for a competitor (Gallup)

  • 80% of users say they’ve stopped using an app because they didn’t know how to use it (WyzOwl)

New call-to-action


Automation and technology 

  • 61% of overperforming sales leaders use automation in parts of their sales process (HubSpot

  • 46% of underperforming sales teams do not use automation in their sales processes (HubSpot

  • 29% of companies automate lead routing (and 42% automate scheduling) (HubSpot

  • A majority of sales reps’ time is spent in sales technology (62.8%): with email for sales related purposes (33.2%), in CRM (17.9% ), in spreadsheets (9.1%), and tools to gather sales intelligence (0.4%) (Forbes)

  • 73% of sales leaders say sales technology needs have changed significantly since 2019 (Salesforce)

  • Companies that use a revenue operations and intelligence tool report 69% higher revenue growth and 59% improved win/loss rates (Forrester)


  • 40% of companies have increased sales ops headcount since 2019 (Salesforce)

  • Companies that invest in RevOps report 10-20% increases in sales productivity (Boston Consulting Group)

  • Companies that deployed RevOps grew revenue 3x faster than those that didn’t (Forrester)

  • A RevOps approach can decrease rep time spent on each sale by up to 4 hours (Imagine Business Development)

  • 25% of organizations will have a Chief Revenue Officer by 2023 (Ventana Research)

  • Companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability (Forrester

GTM processes and alignment

  • Organizations that had formal and dynamic sales processes in place found that their organizations could respond more effectively to the changes covid brought (Korn Ferry)

  • World class sales orgs are 45% more likely to have a formal lead definition shared between sales and marketing (Korn Ferry)

  • Lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets cost companies at least $1 trillion a year (Marketo)

  • 80% of organizations limit the effectiveness of revenue management with an incomplete view of a customer’s lifetime journey from lead, engagement, purchasing, onboarding, renewal and expansion (Ventana Research)

B2B buying environment

  • The average number of buying interactions rose from 17 in 2019 to 27 in 2021 (Forrester)

  • 61% of purchase decisions now involve four or more people (Forrester)

  • Any given sales rep has roughly 5% of a customer’s total purchase time (Gartner)

  • 44% of millennials prefer no sales rep interaction (Gartner)


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