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Unpacking the 2024 CRO Summit in Boston

Howdy! Just got back from an epic CRO Summit hosted by Pavilion in Boston. If you weren’t there, you missed out, but don’t sweat it—I’ve got the full download for you.

1. CROs: from fire fighting to forest managing

First, Allison Metcalfe had us all checking our job titles. Most CROs, she says, are just VPs of Sales on steroids, always putting out fires. But true CRO mastery? It’s about overseeing the whole revenue journey, crafting the systems, and not just chasing deals. It’s about building, not just reacting.

2. The AI startup scene: survivor’s edition

Next, Mark Roberge dropped some heavy truths about the AI startup world. He laid it down that most of these startups are gonna crash and burn in the next couple of years. But here’s the kicker—he’s all about jumping into the fray anyway. Why? Because imagine being part of the OG Netscape crew before Google came along. Those are the resumes that shine in tech’s next chapter.

3. AI and the human touch

Sam Jacobs threw some shade at the idea that AI in sales is just about cutting out the SDR. Nah, it’s not about spamming inboxes. It’s about making human connections more efficient. AI’s the tool to scoop up the intel, but your team’s gotta be the ones to make the plays. And from what we’ve seen, those personalized touches? That’s where the gold’s at.

4. Rethinking sales quotas

Caitlin Will and Joe McNeill are on a mission to trim the fat in sales teams. The old-school quota to OTE ratios? That’s ancient history. We’re talking about a lean, mean selling machine where only your top guns are fed leads. It’s about pushing for that 90%+ effectiveness. No new hires until your AEs are practically breaking down your door for backup.

And a shoutout to Hayes Davis

Now, let’s spotlight Hayes Davis, our very own CEO, because he truly owned the stage with his deep dive into territory management. If you thought territories were just lines on a map, think again. Hayes painted a picture of territories as the lifeblood of a sales organization’s success, emphasizing that how you manage these territories can make or break your revenue goals.

According to Hayes, the traditional approach of setting territories annually—or worse, only during transitions—is a recipe for missed opportunities and sales burnout. He introduced us to the concept of dynamic account routing, a game-changer that keeps the pipeline fresh and evenly distributed among reps. This isn’t just about fairness; it’s about strategic allocation that maximizes engagement and potential deals across the board.

Hayes shared compelling data and case studies where revamping territories led to explosive growth in pipeline metrics. He explained that in dynamic routing, every deal gets the attention it deserves, and no rep feels overwhelmed or underutilized. It’s about continuous adjustment and learning, ensuring that every salesperson can thrive, not just survive. As Hayes put it, “It’s the foundation of not just your sales strategy, but your entire approach to market dominance.” The insights from this session alone could redefine how you manage your sales territories and, ultimately, how you drive your company’s revenue engine.

Curious and want to dive deeper into dynamic books? Check out more here.

All said and done, this year’s CRO Summit was nothing short of a masterclass in revenue generation. Check out this video for Hayes' full talk!

I’ll catch you at the next summit—let’s keep this revenue engine revving.

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