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Round robin with Salesforce Lead Assignment Rules

Salesforce has a Lead Assignment Rules feature that's great for assigning leads to reps.

To find Lead Assignment Rules, go to your Salesforce org's Setup section and search for "lead assignment" in the Quick Find box. You'll find them hidden under Feature Settings > Marketing > Lead Assignment Rules. If you don't see it, make sure you have permissions for "View Setup and Configuration" and "Customize Application".

There are a few basic guidelines: 

  • Unique names - Every lead assignment rule needs to have a unique name.
  • A lead assignment rule is really a list of "rule entries" - Salesforce calls each of the individual rules in the list a "rule entry." Each rule entry allows you to say something like, "If a lead meets these criteria, assign it to this user (or queue)."
  • Rule entry order matters - The list of rule entries is processed in a specific order that you define. Salesforce will process each rule entry until it finds a match. Once it finds a match, it will assign the lead based on how the rule entry is configured.
  • Only one active rule at a time - You can only have one lead assignment rule set to active.

There's a ton more detail on how to use Lead Assignment rules on our blog here