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Opportunity assignment

Once your BDRs have qualified a lead, they'll usually hand that prospect off to an AE to continue the conversation and run a sales cycle with the prospect. In Salesforce, that sales cycle is usually represented by an Opportunity. If your sales organization has multiple AEs who could potentially accept a qualified opportunity from a BDR, you'll want to use a round robin process to assign the opportunity to the AE. It's important to get this right, because this handoff that can impact the customer experience and your close rates. 

When it comes time to assign opportunities using a round robin, you may need to use different methods than what you use to assign leads. If you're automating the process in Salesforce you can't, for example, rely on Lead Assignment Rules. However, you can use Process Builder, Apex or Flow to set up opportunity assignment with round robin. They all have their pros and cons, but all can handle fairly complex assignment rules, and will ensure an appropriate round robin distribution for your organization's opportunities.