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Equalize sales rep workloads with load balancing

Load balancing in round robin is focused on ensuring every rep has the same amount of stuff to work - that's their "load." Using a card game analogy, if the dealer always gave the next card to the player with the fewest cards in their hand, that would be a fully load balanced approach.

Load balancing may not be an ideal solution though -  you might end up giving a lot of consecutive cards to a single player, which might overload them and starve other reps. With a simple load balancing approach, think about what would happen when a ramping rep suddenly gets added into the rotation. You'd immediately hand every assignment to them until they had as many assignments in their book as the next lowest rep. If you do that, you'll end up with some unhappy reps.

It's not necessary for the maximum load or capacity to be a simple total number of leads that's the same for every rep. It could be defined as a potential book value or a multiple of a rep's quota. A rep's load may vary by individual.