SDR territory health check

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It's Q3. Do you know where your reps' accounts are?

If your SDRs have static territories assigned at the start of the year, now's the time to do a health check to see if they have the accounts they need to succeed in H2. They probably have a lot fewer than they started with.

Download our free SDR territory health calculator to see how your SDR account books are looking, and figure out how you can improve.

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How do you improve the health of your reps' books?

Once you've done your health check, take a look at the workable accounts and come up with a game plan for your reps. 

  • Check your intent data (if you have it). Target folks that are in-market right now to combat the last bit of summer slowness.
  • Stack rank the rest of the accounts based on fit and help your reps prioritize their outreach from there.
  • If your territory design allows for it, consider distributing some more high-fit, high-timing accounts to your reps

Watch this quick video for more tips to keep your SDR territories healthy.


Thinking about moving from static territories to a more dynamic model?

Gradient Works software provides dynamic book management so every rep has a fair allocation of accounts and a real opportunity to succeed. For inbound and outbound and every combination.